Breeders Award

This is a competition for the most species bred within the period of one year between the 1st of July of one year and the 31st of June of the following year.

There are three categories:

* 1. Junior Breeder’s Award: For our younger members, who are 18 years or younger at the start of the competition period.

* 2. Novice: For members who have bred less than 20 species. The winners of this category must be approved by the committee, who will take the breeder’s experience into account.

* 3. Open: Open to every member of the Society.

1 Point is awarded for each species bred after the 1st of July and surviving for 60 days. The fish must be in possession of the breeder for the entire period. The claim must be made after 60 days after the fry is swimming freely. 2 Points are awarded for species that have been bred for the first time since the Breeder’s Awards were first introduced. Trophies are awarded for each category. The most successful breeder also is engraved on the perpetual trophy. Participants get certificates for each successfully bred species. Click here for Breeders Award Form