Competitions: Table Show

Photo credit: Lauren Degan Photography
Photo credit: Lauren Degan Photography

The Table Show takes place at every ordinary meeting of the Society (excluding the two major auctions and the Christmas Party). The Table

Show at the November Meeting is the Club Champion Night. These shows give participants an opinion on the quality of their fish and give all members the opportunity to see a examples of the wide variety of fish bred by fellow members in the Society.

Entries: The Table Show is open to members only. The Show Steward accepts the fish into the show and allocates a number to the fish. Fish must be booked in by 7.30 pm on the night of the meeting. Each member/membership may show each species only twice during the course of a year (colour morphs of the same species such as Tropheus moorii will be regarded as separate species), with the exception of the Champion Night.

The Fish: Are accepted by the Show Steward. Deformed fish or hybrids may be disqualified by the Show Steward and/or the judges.

The Tank: The tanks may have substrate and may be painted on the sides, back and bottom. Lights and other fish inside the tank to stimulate behaviour and colour in the fish to be judged are not permitted. Tanks should be clearly labelled with the number allocated by the Show Steward and with the scientific or common name for the benefit of other members, who may not be familiar with a certain fish.

The Judging: Entry’s are judged by two judges and places are awarded before the break to allow participants of the meeting to view the fish. Ribbons are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters and a $10 voucher is awarded to 1st place which can be used as auction dollars in our Auctions, at the Trade Table or in the Library

The Scoring: The judges allocate points in three categories which are further subdivided : General Covering Size & Condition of the fish Body Covering Colour, Condition and Contour Fins Covering Development & Condition

Points and Awards: The Show Steward awards the following points to the places allocated by the judges: Points are awarded as follows:

1st Place:- 4 points

2nd Place:- 3 points

3rd Place:- 2 points

participation:- 1 point

All points are doubled on Club Champion night George Wright, Chris Davis and Kevin Sorensen act as judges. New recruits for judging are welcome. If your interested contact the Show Steward.

Competitions: Breeder’s Awards

This is a competition for the most species bred within the period of one year between the 1st of July of one year and the 31st of June of the following year.

There are three categories:

* 1. Junior Breeder’s Award: For our younger members, who are 18 years or younger at the start of the competition period.

* 2. Novice: For members who have bred less than 20 species. The winners of this category must be approved by the committee, who will take the breeder’s experience into account.

* 3. Open: Open to every member of the Society.

1 Point is awarded for each species bred after the 1st of July and surviving for 60 days. The fish must be in possession of the breeder for the entire period. The claim must be made after 60 days after the fry is swimming freely. 2 Points are awarded for species that have been bred for the first time since the Breeder’s Awards were first introduced. Trophies are awarded for each category. The most successful breeder also is engraved on the perpetual trophy. Participants get certificates for each successfully bred species. Click here for Breeders Award Form